My gift to you: Dough(nuts)

13 Jul

There is a magical place in Brooklyn.  For some reason, people don’t talk about it every single day and write songs about it and build temples to it.  And I’m unclear as to why they do not.  More importantly, I’m unclear as to why my Brooklyn peeps never mentioned it to me (side eye to all of you).

It’s called Dough.  As in dense, doughy, baked goodness.

I’d like to pre-qualify this rave review by saying that I am not a doughnut person.  I’m not into desserts or super sweet things. Give me a bowl of pasta any day over a baked good.  One day, though, the doughnut gods brought me a coconut cream doughnut from Donut Plant in the Lower East Side, and I was smitten.  But shortly thereafter, I moved out of Manhattan, and I worried that I’d never again wake up on a Saturday morning and be in close proximity to a doughnut I loved.  Silly me.  Knowing there is always a plethora of specialty food joints in the city (of every type and cost), I turned to the interwebs to help me find more fried, sweet deliciousness, closer to my new hood.  And the interwebs told me I needed to go to Dough.

On the corner of Franklin and Lafayette, in Bed-Stuy, Dough is a little baking factory that produces the most perfectly dense, delectably sweet, melt-in-your-mouth doughnuts of all time.  These gooey devils are big; they’re only $2 each; and they’re in seemingly never-ending supply.  Unlike my old friend, Donut Plant, Dough makes a continual supply of doughnuts all day – if you show up after 11 AM, you’re not in danger of missing out on your fave flave.


My first experience with the shop happened last weekend.  In an effort not to pine for Manhattan on Saturday, I set out on a walking tour of my new hood.  I found tons of cute little restaurants and shops that I made mental notes to check out.  I walked to Target twice (it’s only 15 minutes away, on foot!).  And, I ate TWO giant Dough doughnuts.  It was ridiculous how full I was, but I Could. Not. Stop.  I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking:

The chocolate-covered one (with cocoa “nibs”) made its Dunkin’ Donuts counterparts look like garbage – and that had always been my favorite as a kid.  But for me, the real show-stopper at Dough was the glazed guy.  Think Krispy Kreme, minus the feeling of “that was gone so fast that I feel like I just ate air”.  These donuts have substance.  They’ve got just the right amount of moisture and density in the cake part, and the toppings are perfectly complementary in proportion.  But they still melt when they hit your tongue.  My mouth is watering just talking about this.

I brought a box of doughnuts into my office for my co-workers yesterday morning, and the general consensus was that they were, in fact, amazeballs.  They were devoured.  And so I thought I’d pass along the good word.  I’ll risk having to stand in line for my doughnut if more people find out about this place, so that you and all your friends can also partake in this yummy experience.

Dough doesn’t have a website as far as I can see, so here are the deets:

  • 305 Franklin Avenue at Lafayette Avenue
  • Take the G to Classon Ave and walk 1 block east.
  • Hours seem to be from early AM (they were open before 8 AM yesterday) until about 5 PM
  • Flavors change with the season and the day, but their standards seem to stay the same (glazed, chocolate covered, hibiscus, lemon-poppy)
  • Cash only
  • Hunger required

Go in peace…to love and eat doughnuts.


Images:  (1) Yelp, all others Rebecca for Happy City Living


2 Responses to “My gift to you: Dough(nuts)”

  1. jk July 14, 2011 at 1:03 am #

    I am drooling! Better than a Crispy Creme?????

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