Hot Hot Hot!

22 Jul

Yes, it is still hot outside in NYC.  In fact, when I went to my favorite free yoga in Bryant Park tonight, it was still 93 degrees – at 6 PM!  Let’s just say it was more like a sweat-bucket bikram yoga class (typically held at around 130 degrees) than your average breezy outdoor practice.

But the weather isn’t all that’s hot.  The rental market in Manhattan is still scorching.  How do I know this?  All the requests I’ve been getting for help finding an apartment!  I have received a ton of wonderfully enthusiastic emails from friends-of-friends and even complete strangers lately, looking to rent in NYC.  Some folks are looking for real estate agent assistance (gotcha covered), and a lot more folks just have questions about apartments they’ve seen or situations they’ve encountered.  Seems like everyone wants a piece of the New York (well played, all of you city lovers)!

I love talking about all the great neighborhoods in this town and helping to navigate the sometimes-daunting rental market here.  So, I’m more than happy to answer as many questions as I can.  Keep the emails coming!

There are, however, a few questions that I pose to everyone in the midst of a search.  When you decide to seriously start looking for an apartment, here are the things you should figure out prior to delving in:

  1. What are you comfortable paying, and what would be the absolute most you’d be willing to spend?
  2. Where is your preferred area or neighborhood?  If you have questions about different neighborhoods, feel free to shoot me a note or just to Google them (what on Earth did we all do before Google?).
  3. What are your size and space requirements?  How many bedrooms do you need?  Is the main living space more important, or is the bedroom size more important?  Is a convertible apartment an option, if you’re in share situation?
  4. When do you need to move?  Is your move-in date flexible?  Or is it constrained by the end of another lease?
  5. Are you prepared to pay a fee?  In a hot market, fees are the norm (expect to dole out 1-2 months of the year’s rent).  If you don’t want to pay up, are you willing to move farther out from lower Manhattan?

If you answer all these questions ahead of time, your search will be much easier.  I promise you, these are the questions any listing agent or management company will ask – or should ask!  Be honest and realistic about what you need and what your limitations are.  Then, just try to stay realistic and open-minded, and you’ll be ready to search.  Happy hunting, and stay cool!

Tell me about any great (or not-so-great) apartment deals you’ve gotten lately!  Has anyone been struggling to find a place?  Have you run into questions along the way?  Share with the class!


Image:  Bryant Park Blog


5 Responses to “Hot Hot Hot!”

  1. jk July 22, 2011 at 8:40 am #

    What a fun place to do yoga! And how exciting to roll out a mat with hundreds of folks!

  2. jk July 22, 2011 at 8:48 pm #

    This comment may be in the wrong place, but what a great service it is to summarize ocean beach info for desperate, sweaty swimming addicts like myself ! If a cool ocean wave can’t help you to chill out, what can? Well, maybe one of those city pools. Humans are 98% water; some of us need to go home on these summer days. As a veteran traveler, I can testify that this type of info is practically NEVER found in any printed guidebook. Nice Work! Uncle John

    • happycityliving July 22, 2011 at 9:18 pm #

      Agreed! Some of us just NEED water access! Speaking of the good ol’ ocean, hope the CT beach was great today. I was jealous of you guys as I was walking through the concrete jungle en route to work, feeling like my skin was melting off my body. There should be “heat days” just like there are “snow days”, and on “heat days” everyone should be required to go to the beach. Hi to Aunt Judy! Love, Becca

  3. jk July 25, 2011 at 8:42 pm #

    Did you know there is a song featuring “Hot Hot Hot”?

  4. Tina November 1, 2011 at 4:23 pm #

    Very cool site you’ve got here! I came across it while looking for tips on apartment living. I’m looking for an apartment near the Twin Cities, and found this site to be very helpful. Not sure if you have anything like it in New York?.., but it truly has made my searching fun!

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