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My gift to you: Dough(nuts)

13 Jul

There is a magical place in Brooklyn.  For some reason, people don’t talk about it every single day and write songs about it and build temples to it.  And I’m unclear as to why they do not.  More importantly, I’m unclear as to why my Brooklyn peeps never mentioned it to me (side eye to all of you).

It’s called Dough.  As in dense, doughy, baked goodness.

I’d like to pre-qualify this rave review by saying that I am not a doughnut person.  I’m not into desserts or super sweet things. Give me a bowl of pasta any day over a baked good.  One day, though, the doughnut gods brought me a coconut cream doughnut from Donut Plant in the Lower East Side, and I was smitten.  But shortly thereafter, I moved out of Manhattan, and I worried that I’d never again wake up on a Saturday morning and be in close proximity to a doughnut I loved.  Silly me.  Knowing there is always a plethora of specialty food joints in the city (of every type and cost), I turned to the interwebs to help me find more fried, sweet deliciousness, closer to my new hood.  And the interwebs told me I needed to go to Dough.

On the corner of Franklin and Lafayette, in Bed-Stuy, Dough is a little baking factory that produces the most perfectly dense, delectably sweet, melt-in-your-mouth doughnuts of all time.  These gooey devils are big; they’re only $2 each; and they’re in seemingly never-ending supply.  Unlike my old friend, Donut Plant, Dough makes a continual supply of doughnuts all day – if you show up after 11 AM, you’re not in danger of missing out on your fave flave.


My first experience with the shop happened last weekend.  In an effort not to pine for Manhattan on Saturday, I set out on a walking tour of my new hood.  I found tons of cute little restaurants and shops that I made mental notes to check out.  I walked to Target twice (it’s only 15 minutes away, on foot!).  And, I ate TWO giant Dough doughnuts.  It was ridiculous how full I was, but I Could. Not. Stop.  I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking:

The chocolate-covered one (with cocoa “nibs”) made its Dunkin’ Donuts counterparts look like garbage – and that had always been my favorite as a kid.  But for me, the real show-stopper at Dough was the glazed guy.  Think Krispy Kreme, minus the feeling of “that was gone so fast that I feel like I just ate air”.  These donuts have substance.  They’ve got just the right amount of moisture and density in the cake part, and the toppings are perfectly complementary in proportion.  But they still melt when they hit your tongue.  My mouth is watering just talking about this.

I brought a box of doughnuts into my office for my co-workers yesterday morning, and the general consensus was that they were, in fact, amazeballs.  They were devoured.  And so I thought I’d pass along the good word.  I’ll risk having to stand in line for my doughnut if more people find out about this place, so that you and all your friends can also partake in this yummy experience.

Dough doesn’t have a website as far as I can see, so here are the deets:

  • 305 Franklin Avenue at Lafayette Avenue
  • Take the G to Classon Ave and walk 1 block east.
  • Hours seem to be from early AM (they were open before 8 AM yesterday) until about 5 PM
  • Flavors change with the season and the day, but their standards seem to stay the same (glazed, chocolate covered, hibiscus, lemon-poppy)
  • Cash only
  • Hunger required

Go in peace…to love and eat doughnuts.


Images:  (1) Yelp, all others Rebecca for Happy City Living


Here’s The Situation

16 Jun

If you’re an out-of-towner, you probably think my recent posts about rental prices in New York are ludicrous.  You’re thinking, “No wonder this girl is in the process of moving!  No one in their right mind would pay so much money for a shoebox apartment!”  You’re right:  it is totally crazy-pants.  But for folks who are familiar with NYC apartment pricing, the prices I’ve mentioned are par for the course.  And it may seem odd that two gainfully employed adults (Agent Owens and me) can’t afford $1000/month, each, to continue living in an apartment they love (read all about why we’re moving here and our new Clinton Hill place here).   If you’ve been reading Happy City Living, you probably also know that in the past I paid $1300/month (by myself) to live in Sunset Park and $1600/month (by myself) to live in Harlem.  So, why did I recently put myself through all the agita of apartment hunting, over $1000/month each?

Well, for Agent Owens and me, our living situation recently took a pretty drastic turn.  Agent Owens got a great new job offer within his agency – YAY!  But it required working in Philadelphia for the next two years – BOO.  To be honest, though, we were both thrilled for him to get the job, and he loves Philadelphia almost as much as I love New York.  So, overall, it was a great turn of events.

Us, in front of Independence Hall. Taking photos outside of the building is as close to an historical experience as I need to have. History and me - not BFFs.

Although I’m crazy biased and in love with New York, I should be fair here and tell you there are some things to really love about Philadelphia.  First of all, it’s close to New York, haha!  Ok, but seriously.  It’s a clean, vibrant, walk-able city.  Plus, there’s a great path for biking and jogging along the Schuylkill River (try saying that name 3 times fast – or, even one time!), that leads to the Wissahickon Park (where do they GET these names?????).  For bike-a-holics like Agent Owens, this quick escape from the hustle-bustle of the city is an amazing amenity.  The city also has fun going-out spots, pretty neighborhoods with historic buildings, and all the conveniences of big city living.

And, most notably, the aptly named Philly Cheesesteaks the city has to offer are Out. Of. This. World.  I’d eaten some bullsh*t cheesesteaks here in NYC at some point, and as a result I thought I didn’t like cheesesteaks.  I’ve never been more wrong, and my growing waistline (acquired since our Philly stint) is proof of that.  If you can’t get to Philly, try Carl’s Steaks in NYC.  They’re pretty amazeballs, and they’re the best you’ll find in New York.  But if you reeeeeally want the best of the best, hit up Jim’s Steaks in Illy.  Yes, I said Illy.  I’m a half-resident of that town now, and I’m allowed to use that name because that’s what the cool kids say. I think.  Anyway, Jim’s is on South Street at the corner of 4th Street.  Every Philly-goer has their fave cheesesteak spot – you might have heard of the more famous Pat’s   and Geno’s – and Jim’s is our go-to.  The line wrapping around the corner of the building at busy times is proof that we’re right.

It's hoppin' at Jim's! See the mob by the front door? That's the line.

But wait…apartments…how did I get so far off on a tangent?  Food always seems to do that to me!  Well, as I was saying, Agent Owens now spends a good chunk of time in Philly each week for work, necessitating a second apartment.  The need for that second home (which comes with an oh-so-fun second monthly rent payment), combined with The Gate’s recent rent hike, was just too much for our poor wallets.  So, we had to make a move, and in a short two weeks I’ll be off to the suburbs tree-lined streets of Brooklyn.

As I get closer to moving into the new digs, I’m actually getting more and more excited. The thought of more space, a roof deck, and a fairly new building makes me a little giddy.  Although, I haven’t been giddy enough to start packing yet. Hmmm, maybe I should get on that.

So, the happy city couple is now straddling two cities. Is it a little bit annoying to have to ever step foot into another city that ISN’T New York? Yes. But, truthfully, Agent Owens carries the brunt of the travel burden. So, I should stop being whiny.

Plus, I always remind myself that when I’m in Philly I’m right around the corner from MODG’s house. Oh you don’t know MODG? She’s the hilarious Philadelphia-area blogger behind Martinis Or Diaper Genies, who weighs the pros and cons of her former responsibility-free lifestyle and her current life as a new parent.  You should check her out right here. Hers was the first blog I ever became addicted to, and you’ll become obsessed, too (mostly if you’re a 20/30-something female). I try to relay the hilarity of this blog to Agent Owens, but he’s firmly on the “Martinis” side of the MODG debate, and he gets a glazed-over, comatose look on his face when I mention the words “baby,” “child,” or “kid.” Plus, he doesn’t care about high heels or Suri Cruise, which are two other hot topics over in MODG-land. But 1 zillion fanatical readers (and me) can’t be wrong.  I love MODG, and I tell myself that if I hang out in Philly long enough I’ll totally run into her and we’ll become BFFs on the spot. It’ll be fate. Fo shizz.

MODG: Ninja? Mom? Shoe-a-holic? All of the above.

So, tell me.  Anyone else juggling two apartments? Or two cities for that matter? Anyone think Agent Owens and I are nuts for renting two apartments in two of the most expensive cities in the country? Heck, I think we’re nutty half the time!  If you can offer up a cool new Philly activity or place of interest you’ll totally get bonus points…in the game of good karma and life in general. Deal? K.

Happy Double-City Rebecca


Images:  (1) Rebecca for Happy City Living, (2) Jim’s Steaks, (3) Martinis or Diaper Genies

Burn Baby, Burn

4 May

Well, folks…I made it.  I woke up at 6:00 and only hit the snooze button once!  So, I was on time for yoga at 7 AM, and I started my day with a helluva workout.  It felt great.  I arrived at work earlier than usual, and I’ve had lots of energy all day.  And best of all, I got to eat Chipotle for lunch got my exercise in early, so I’ll have my evening free!

Crap.  Guilty conscience.  I DID eat Chipotle for lunch.  Hello 1,000 calories back on my girlish figure.  But it was sooooo good.  It’s always sooooo good.

One step forward, two steps back...

The plan is now going to be that I will attempt to do yoga at least 2 mornings per week.  It’s a wishful plan.  But, now that I know I won’t spontaneously combust from rising out of bed before 8 AM,  I’m game to try it.  Anyone want to join me?

Oh, yea, and I promise to get back to salads and wraps for lunch.  Not that you care how girlish my figure is.  But still,  I’m aware of how ridiculous it is to work hard to burn off calories, only to put back on double the amount of calories you burned off in one meal.  Damn, I hate being rational.

Image:  Chipotle