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I’m Celebrating, and Nobody Can Stop Me

7 Jun

I’m sitting on my couch in my underwear, watching House Hunters with my cats, and drinking champagne.  I don’t care if you think I’m lame.  For me, this is a party.  I am celebrating.  What am I celebrating, you might ask?

  1. Getting a new place (read more about that here).
  2. The end of a long day – we’re in the middle of being audited at work.  Noooooo fun.
  3. A big week in blogging.

The fun thing about blogging is that you get to just blab blab blab, and it’s your blog so nobody can tell you to shut up.  Seriously, if you’re a Chatty Cathy like me, you should try it.  But the sad/scary/ego-driven thing is that, potentially, no one gives a crap about what you have to say, and you’re blab blab blabbing to no one.  Lame-O.

But this past week, many reassuring blog milestones happened for me and Happy City Living.  They gave me so much happiness that I felt a celebration was warranted.

I should start by saying that I have super-duper-amazing friends and family who read my little blog and send me nice little loving notes about the things they liked reading.  THANK YOU!  Every comment, email, and facebook message makes me feel warm and fuzzy and loved, like you wouldn’t believe.

My parents, aka my biggest fans, who will read this blog even when everyone else decides they've heard enough of my babble.

BUT!  This past week, a girl I had only met ONE TIME told me she’d been reading my blog and even recalled a specific post she liked!  She’s a friend of a friend, and Peltz, if you’re reading this, I floated on air on the way home from that bar on Houston Street, after talking to you – and it wasn’t just from being buzzed on wine and cranberry-vodkas.

Then, I had ramen noodles at a great restaurant called Minca (yes, you need to try it if you live in NYC – best. ramen. ever.), with my friend Eliya, who told me he’s been reading the blog.  He said I should continue creating original content and that he thinks I might be able to monetize it soon!  (Hey, who doesn’t want some moolah?)  And he works in web advertising!  A real-life professional thinks HCL has potential!

Most delicious ramen noodles of all time.

Gratuitous noodle photo. Can't help it. Pasta is my #1 addiction.

On Monday, one of my fave bloggers, Liz from It’s Great To Be Home, mentioned HCL on HER blog, and that was amaze-balls.  Not only did she mention HCL as one of her biggest supporters, but she also has us on her blog roll, on her homepage!  Liz is the real freakin’ deal.  The girl flip houses, and she’s not one of those HGTV screw-up people who wings it and ends up in the hole from their stupid choices.  She turns average looking houses into homes that make me want to live in the suburbs.  No joke.  Check her out as soon as you have the chance.  If you didn’t click on the link above, click this one.  Now.

And then tonight, just when it seemed that the blogging world couldn’t get any sweeter, another of my blog idols, ZDub from Raising Colorado, read my blog and left a comment.  Ahhhh, life is good.  ZDub mostly talks about kids (which I don’t have) and squirrels (which, as a New Yorker, I think are just rats with furry tails) and I still love love love her blog.  I read it every day because she just makes me laugh so hard.  And cry.  Her daughter was recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, and I cry every time I read a post about it.  And then I laugh, because ZDub is FUNNY AS HELL.  So check her out!  Please and thank you.

And now it’s time to go, because in my blogging fervor I just drooled champagne on to the carpet (Vader is currently licking it up).   My sister would call me a shit show, and that means I must call it a day.  Celebrating can get out of hand, even if you are on the couch with your cats.

Vader, you're a lush! And you're no better, Johnny.

But before I leave, I must share this…the House Hunters lady is showing homes with her Yorkie dog in her purse.  I love dogs, but never have I seen such a thing.  Nor do I approve of it.  GET. IT. TOGETHER., woman!

Please note the dog in the bag, under the woman's arm. Also, note the bow in its hair. Ummm, no.

…Or maybe I’m the one who needs to get it together.  Meh, blogging superstars maniacs get to drink merrily sometimes.

Woo woo!

Images:  Rebecca for Happy City Living


Spoke Too Soon

17 May

Remember my last post about my lease renewal saga?  Remember at the end of the post when I said, “I’m actually relieved that the leasing office came back with such a definitively high number because if they’d countered around $2000 I wouldn’t know whether to stay or go?”  Well, when I didn’t accept $2162 and expressed how disappointed I was with their lack of willingness to work with me, they responded.  The woman I’d been emailing with told me she was going to pass my request along to her boss, the leasing director.  About an hour later, I got a new counter at $2050 with a note that this was their final offer and that this renewal would not be considered again.  Basically, take it or leave it.


Now, here’s where I am:  I COULD pay $2050/month, but I really don’t WANT to pay that much.  On the other hand I love living in Battery Park City, and really had not planned on leaving so soon.

Hard to see how great it is via photo, but I reeeeally don't want to give up my city skyline view - one of 50 things I love about my apartment.

For the moment, I have jumped feet first into searching for a new place.  I want to make sure I know all my apartment options before making a decision.  Unfortunately, I am in the middle of the crazy summer real estate market (read more about the seasons of apartment hunting here).  Prices are high and inventory is flying off the shelves.  Not an ideal set of circumstances for getting a great deal.  In fact, when I called a listing agent about an apartment this morning, it had already been rented BEFORE the open house, and the agent said, “If you don’t have to move right now, don’t.  The market is red hot.”  Wonderful.  That makes me feel great about my search.

Anyway, now that staying put is an option, and now that it seems like moving may very well be a hugely un-fun task (since it’s high season for renting in NYC) here are the pros and cons of STAYING at the Gate:


  1. I wouldn’t need to front a bunch of money for a new place (security deposit and first month’s rent, up front).
  2. I wouldn’t need to shell out $400 for moving.
  3. I wouldn’t need to pack all my stuff and live in chaos for a month, while I leave one place and move into another.
  4. I love my apartment and would really love to continue living in it.
  5. I love the view from my apartment and doubt I’d find something like it again, in my price range.  You can really become picky once you’ve lived on the 30-something-th floor!
  6. I love Battery Park City, and don’t want to leave here so soon!


  1. It’s tough to save money when you spend over half your salary on rent.
  2. If I ever want to NOT be a renter, I need to start saving more money.  See reason #1 for the reason why that can’t happen at The Gate.

Obviously, there are way more pros than cons.  But saving money is a key consideration here, and it may outweigh all the pros in this situation.  Man, it sucks to make smart adult decisions.

And now, like a mature adult, I’ll show you a few more pictures to sway you over to the “you should totally stay in your apartment” side of the debate:

Another part of my view overlooks Ground Zero. Obviously, I need to be here to monitor construction progress.

Even on a gray day like today, my backyard is beautiful! Gotta love being down by the water.

Vader clearly doesn't want to move. He's clearly going to lie on all boxes to prevent me from packing. He's also clearly crazy and seems think he's a dog with that lying-on-my-back-waiting-for-a-belly-rub stuff.

Anyone else in a situation like this – hashing out the great save-money-or-live-where-you-love debate?  Tell me what you chose to do! Please!

Images:  Rebecca for Happy City Living

Stop! In the Name of Love

29 Apr

Somebody made me stop blogging tonight, when I got home.  Well…two somebodies.

Johnny begged me to pull myself away from the laptop and please come snuggle…

…and Vader, well, as always, he took a more literal approach to ending my blog writing:

Yup, he plunked right down on my lap as I was typing.  Guess that puts an end to that!

Sometimes life in this city is so fast-paced and busy that it makes your head spin.  So, it’s great to be reminded to take a breather and just relax at home with the people (and furbabies) you love.  Good job, kitties.  Good job.


Images:  Rebecca for Happy City Living